My first trip to Antarctica was a summer assignment in 1963 with the U. S. Weather Bureau through the National Science Foundation.  It was a summer only tour in a penguin colony at a joint United States and New Zealand station on the Hallett peninsula on the Ross Sea.  I was evacuated from there to New Zealand on a U. S. coast guard ice breaker after a major fire destroyed our buildings.  The temperatures at Haslett ranged from plus 35 F to minus 40 F leaving it snow free in the summer.
About a year later I was back in at the Byrd station for the winter replacing a medically evacuated supervisor.  Temperatures there went down to minus 100 degrees.  I only include a few photos from Byrd because of the lack of scenery there.
In 2013 Betty and I returned and cruised along the coast for four days.  Some new photos are at the end of this page.

Johnsons Neck was later named in my honor. The link is under the title.
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Byrd Photos
All our buildings at Byrd Station were underground and connected by tunnels
2013 Trip