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This year we took a 23 day Passage to Italy and Greek Isles adventure with Holland America. We didn't see land for the first eight days and got a real feeling of the oceans size.  It was a time to relax, get to know the ship, read, eat etc.  Betty went to various classes and movies each day.  I was reminded of my work at remote weather stations, two tours in Antarctica, and long countdowns for underground atomic bomb tests in Nevada and the salt domes of Mississippi.  All places with no break for long periods of time.

On day eight we reached Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, in the Azores on a rainy day.
2014 Cruise
On day 11 we reached the mainland of Europe at Cadiz (Seville), Spain.

On day 15 we reached the end of the first leg of our cruise in Civitavecchia, (Rome), Italy.  Here we picked up many new people for the Greek Isles cruise.